We are passionate advocates for business.

We know business operators make better decisions about their future when they understand and are involved in the numbers that tell the story of their unique business.

We also understand that numbers can elicit fear in even the most seasoned business operator, and that for many business owners, their comfort zone is ‘on the tools’ rather than knee-deep in their financials.

The good news is, we’re here to help, guiding business owners through the numbers that indicate a business’ current position and its potential future, while helping operators identify the figures that matter most, and then put those numbers to work to make Better Business Decisions.

Liz brings 35 years experience to your business


Meet Liz

With over 35 years experience spent deep in the trenches of tax accounting and small business, Liz Jarvis is far from your average chartered accountant.

As the founder of Better Business Decisions, she is a passionate advocate for small and medium business, who educates and empowers operators to understand the story their business numbers tell.

In over three decades working alongside business owners, Liz has established a reputation as a warm, approachable business ally, removing the fear from bookkeeping and finances.

She works with business owners to help them ensure the accuracy of their figures and identify the numbers that matter when it comes to creating and attaining goals, and making better business decisions. 

Liz is of the firm belief that businesses are better geared for success when the proprietor has a comprehensive understanding of the numbers that guide their operation.

She prides herself on offering business education, support and guidance to a wide range of clients, using proven processes to objectively review figures, define measures of progress and identify achievements that will propel business owners and managers towards their goals.

With a perspective that spans both professional expertise and personal small business insight, Liz Jarvis is the ally many proprietors seek to have in their corner as they navigate the business journey. 

Liz Jarvis

Liz Jarvis

Founder & Chartered Accountant

Tap into the Power of Your Numbers

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